Diggers & Trucks

Diggers & Trucks

Diggers also known as excavators along with further terminologies in other parts of the world. Using a digger enables you to do things otherwise not possible in the work place.

Giving you the ability to move large amounts of dirt and rubble in a digger therefore cutting time in half and being efficient. Also know as hydraulic excavators they come in a massive range of sizes and a range of capabilities.

There are two main parts to an excavator, the undercarriage and the house. The undercarriage hosts a blade, if it has one fitted, the drives, the tracks and track frame. The house includes the operators cabin, the counterweight, the engine and the fuel tanks, and also including the hydraulic oil tanks.

Excavators have many capabilities due to a range of attachments. These come in the form of buckets, winches,a breaker, an auger, a grapple and many more. A quick coupler makes it easy to switch between the different attachments making the digger/excavator one of the most valuable tools on any builders yard. Add this to loaders and bulldozers and you can complete any task easily, and again these also come in a wide range.

A quick list of what you could typically find an excavator/digger used for, but there is more:

  • Digging of trenches, holes, foundations
  • Forestry mulching
  • Demolition
  • Brush cutting with hydraulic attachments
  • Forestry work
  • River dredging
  • Driving piles, in conjunction with a pile driver
  • General grading/landscaping
  • Mining, especially, but not only open-pit mining
  • Drilling shafts for footings and rock blasting
  • hydraulic drill attachment

long before the 1990’s most excavators had an overhang counterweight which would stick right out over the back of the carriage giving lift and providing way ,more digging force. However, this proved to be a large problem when working in small confined areas, and was soon deemed impractical. So what followed in 1993 was the worlds first zero tail overhang swing excavator. This enabled the counterweight to stay nicely inside the tracks and track base as it swings around. This was seen as a perfect solution and was then adopted across almost all diggers here on out.

Also known across the world as JCB’s, Diggers, Mechanical shovels, 360(360 degrees excavators), track hoes, and in the UK sometimes referred to as rubber ducks.

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